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  Decisions about senior living options can be very difficult and overwhelming. We are here to provide you with all the information you need to make an informed, intelligent decision. Together, we’ll explore Independent and Assisted Living options, as well as memory care,  skilled nursing and home health alternatives. We’ll answer your questions about Medicare and Medicaid, veteran’s benefits or any other concerns you may have. We will walk with you, at your pace, through these “Senior Living Decisions” without any cost or obligation.  
Making Tough Decisions Finding The Right Options Why Senior Living Decisions?

"It is the hardest decision we have ever had to make."

 Very often, these words are spoken by family members who are helping a loved one decide on senior care living options.

 The emotional heartbreak of moving from a long-time residence is frequently the first obstacle to overcome when considering a transition to a new life style. A senior's physical limitations, care needs or numerous other factors may necessitate a change to ensure a safe and comfortable living environment. Knowing that a loved one is happy and well cared for, is always a family's first concern.

 Once it is decided that new living arrangements are needed, families face a stressful, time consuming search to find answers to a myriad of questions. Our Care Advisors are dedicated to relieving that stress by providing those answers and offering seniors and their families accurate information so they can make an informed, intelligent decision.

“What senior living options are available and which is best for our situation?”  

 With such a wide variety of options available, choosing the right one can be a confusing and frightening experience. All aspects of a senior’s well-being and individual needs must be considered when deciding on the ideal care and living arrangement and many people find this undertaking to be overwhelming and emotionally stressful.

 During a personal consultation, a Care Advisor will gain an in-depth understanding of the senior’s unique needs and desires while incorporating the expectations of the family. Recommendations for the appropriate options will be offered for consideration and, if desired, the Care Advisor can explore avenues for moving forward comfortably.


“Why should we choose Senior Living Decisions over other agencies?”

 With so many senior referral agencies offering similar services, it can be difficult to find one that distinguishes itself from the others. The importance of finding the right senior living options is directly dependent on the quality of the service that is received from a referral service, and that quality, is derived from dedication, knowledge and real-life senior care experience.

 Our Care Advisors offer guidance based on years of actual hands-on experience in helping seniors. They have real-life knowledge having worked in senior living communities where they have personally provided care to the residents and their families. They don’t simply access an information database to match a senior’s needs to find possible options to satisfy a situation.

 Our Care Advisors are committed to sharing their personal knowledge and experiences to discover the very best options available. They are devoted to serving seniors and their families and place integrity above all else.


Seniors Teach Us Life Lessons

 A heart-warming video about the life lessons seniors have taught us.




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